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Online Auction 329 is now running.
This auction closes on January 6, 2015 at 11:00 p.m. EST.

Auction 329 features an interesting selection of
First, Second & Third Issue Revenues, Pre-Print Paper Folds,
Cancellations, Beer Stamps, Match & Medicine Stamps,
Official Specimens, State Revenues, Revenue Stamped Paper,
Ephemera, and many more interesting items.

No Buyers Premium.

United States
U.S. State Revenues
Revenue Stamped Paper Specialized
Stocks & Bonds
Collections and Accumulations
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Featured Items from the current auction
RS264Ad VF appearance, thin and tears
R59a large margins, VF crease
REA182 (208a) F minor soiling at lower right
Lawrence & Cohen. R2c L.C.& Co. NOV. 1862. black p/c, F-VF small faults including a tiny tear
RM123 restrike, doubled at the bottom on a promissory note. Kingston, N.H. Sharp strikes, fold affect stamp, VF signature torn away to cancel note
Thirteenth & Fifteenth Streets Passenger Railway Co. of Philadelphia Stock Certificate
RN-J4 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Manufacturers National Bank North Pennsylvania Railroad Co., Ellis Clark
RO165b F sealed tear and small repair at top, short perfs at right
RS43a F small thin, perf faults and light stain
RM178 Philadelphia, Pa. promissory note. 1799. Sharp strike, fold affects stamp, F-VF small flaws