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Online Auction 323 is now running.
This auction closes on August 26 2014 at 11:00 p.m. EDT.

Auction 323 features an interesting selection of 
U.S. Revenues, First, Second & Third Issue Revenues, 
Documentary Stamps, Proprietary Stamps,
Stock Transfer Stamps, Match & Medicine Stamps,
Newspaper Stamps, Envelope Cut Squares,
Postal Reply Cards, and many more interesting items.

No Buyers Premium.

United States
U.S. Possessions
U.S. State Revenues
Collections and Accumulations
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Featured Items from the current auction
RV22 mint, VF
R41a F-VF
R105 F-VF crease
RS253b F creases
National Wholesale Liquor Dealers Association. Apr. 1916 used, VF
RT29b VF filled thin
RB5a VF corner crease
UY7/36 21 different reply cards, unfolded, mint, VF
U509 cut square, full corner, mint, VF
RS254d diagonal pre-print paper fold, F small tear, thin and pulled perf