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Online Auction 355 is now running

This auction closes on
September 6, 2016 at 11:00 p.m. EDT.

Auction 355 features an interesting selection of
United States Revenues, First Issues, Consular Service
Fee Stamps,
Match & Medicine Stamps & Ephemera,
Taxpaids, Special Tax Stamps, Various Back of the Book,
Danish West Indies Christmas Seals, State Revenues,
Revenue Stamped Paper, Stock Certificates, Collection lots,
Philatelic Literature, and many more interesting items.

No Buyers Premium!

United States
U.S. Possessions
U.S. State Revenues
U.S. State Fish & Game
Great Britain
British Africa
Revenue Stamped Paper Specialized
Stocks & Bonds
Philatelic Memorabilia
Collections and Accumulations
Philatelic Literature
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Featured Items from the current auction
Hiscox & Co. Parker's Hair Balsam. Yes indeed Gus, for I never would have married you look as you do in that portrait trade card
RN-B2 New York, N.Y. Fourth National Bank H.G. Marquand
TA23a VF rejoined tears
USDA Permit to Market One Barrel Crude Gum, July 1935, used, VF few tone spots
RN-X7 Atlanta, Georgia. Neal Loan & Banking Company
RS4di VF tiny flaws
O133 mint, NH, VF
WX96 progressive color proofs, set of six perforated blocks of four, VF
RT15d VF thin spot
R80a margin cuts in at top, F small hole at top, pinhole at left