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Online Auction 354 is now running

This auction closes on
August 16, 2016 at 11:00 p.m. EDT.

Auction 354 features an interesting selection of
United States Revenues, First Issues, Second &
Third Issue Multiples, 
 Match & Medicine Stamps & Ephemera,
Revenue Proofs, State Revenues, Canada Revenues,
Revenue Stamped Paper, and many more interesting items.

No Buyers Premium!

United States
U.S. State Revenues
U.S. State Fish & Game
Canada Provinces
Revenue Stamped Paper Specialized
Collections and Accumulations
Philatelic Literature
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Featured Items from the current auction
RS191E BEP die essay of a 4c design that was later adopted for use as the 6c stamp with a different vignette, stamp size on india mounted on thin white card, VF small fault at left side
RS171d mint, F-VF
FWT4 used, VF
RS121d F-VF
RS36b F
RO113a F-VF appearance, mostly rebacked
RU12b F
RS9b F-VF thin
RO92c F-VF
Barry's Tricopherous, Barry's Florida Water. Guaranteed to Restore the Hair to Bald Heads and to make it grow Thick, Long and Soft. Trade card.