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Online Auction 332 is now running

This auction closes on
March 17, 2015 at 11:00 p.m. EST.

Auction 332 features an interesting selection of
United States Revenues, Match & Medicine Stamps, 
Taxpaid Revenues, Newspaper Stamps,
Confederate States, Canada Revenues,
U.S. and Foreign Stocks and Bonds,
and many more interesting items.

No Buyer's Premium.

United States
U.S. State Revenues
Revenue Stamped Paper Specialized
Stocks & Bonds
Collections and Accumulations
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Featured Items from the current auction
Wholesale Liquor Dealers Stamp Series of 1955 mint, VF
PR66 used, black h/s, F
PR10 used, black h/s, F
RO83b F thin spot
AUSTRIA Oesterreichischen Daimler=Motoren=Aktiengesellschaft certificate. 1913
Hotel des Indes, Batavia, Java luggage label
PASCO (Pan American Sulphur Co.) stock certificate. 1974
RT23d mint, F
RT9d VF tiny colored abrasion
RS117c F light creases, few short perfs