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Catalogs Used

We reference the following stamp catalogs and reference books in describing our inventory:

Scott Specialized Catalogue of United States Stamps & Covers. Scott Publishing Co.

United States Beer Stamps. Thomas. W. Priester.

Catalog of United States Bureau Precancels. Precancel Stamp Society.

Springer's Handbook of Various North American Cinderella Stamps. Sherwood Springer.

United States Internal Revenue Tax-Paid Stamps Printed on Tin-Foil and Paper Tobacco Wrappers. John Alan Hicks.

Year Book of the United States Revenue Society Together with the 1912 Prize Essay on 'Metallic Tax Stamps For Cotton.'  Charles A. Nast.

A Catalogue Listing of Lock Seals. Thomas W. Priester.

Essays and Proofs of United States Internal Revenue Stamps Essays and Proofs of United States Internal Revenue Stamps. George T. Turner. 

Catalog of Private Express Labels and Stamps, United States 1839-1918, Canada 1841-1926.
Bruce H. Mosher.

Priced Catalogue of the State and City Revenue and Tax Stamps of the United States. George D. Cabot.

The State Revenue Catalog, Revenue Stamps and Related Materials of the States of the United States of America. edited by Dave Wrisley

The Streamside Catalogue of Fish and Game Stamps. Jan R. Wooton. 2006 edition.

Illustrated Check list of Lithographed or Engraved Strip Liquor Revenues for the Canal Zone by Canal Zone Study Group

Hawaii, Its Stamps and Postal History. Meyer, Harris, Davey & Bash.

Fiscal Stamps of the Philippines: A Catalogue 1898 To 1946 The Warren Update. Lehmann & Lueck.

Standard Catalogue of the Japanese Revenue Stamps. Shimomura & Furuya.

The Bush-Cass Catalog of AMG Revenue Stamps of the Allied Military Government in Europe 1945-1954. Bush & Cass.

Catalogue Des Timbres Fiscaux Et Socio-Postaux De France. Yvert & Tellier.

The Canadian Revenue Stamp Catalogue Including Wildlife Conservation Stamps. E.S.J. van Dam.

Catalog of Tobacco Tax Paid Stamps of Canada and Newfoundland. Lee W. Brandom.

Catalog of the Federal Tobacco Stamps of Canada. Christopher D. Ryan. 


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Lock Seals, Special Tax Stamps, Opium, Marihuana, Customs Stamps, Baggage Inspection,
State Revenues, Fishing & Hunting Stamps, Bank Checks, Documents, Telegraph Stamps,
Local Post Stamps, Express Company Stamps, Cinderella Stamps, Hawaii, Philippine Islands,
Puerto Rico, Danish West Indies, Virgin Islands, Veracruz Mexico Revenues, Canada Revenues, AMG Revenues, British Commonwealth Revenues, Philatelic Literature, Springer Catalogue,
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